Intuitive Nudges

Today, at my neighborhood store, my daughter and I met a mom with the cutest little girl. Beautiful little chocolate girl, full of light, with a gorgeous afro. She couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 years old.

Image of heaven, bright sky with clouds and streams of light from center. Text states: We are all connected. Follow intuition. Don't hold back. Marlene Dillon Empowerment Specialist

She was so adorable that I couldn’t help but tell her mom. She graciously thanked me and we exchanged a few words about our love for our natural hair. We went our separate ways, but when I was ready to check out, I saw them nearing the counter, as well. Her sweet girl was happily trying on sunglasses nearby. When I got to the register, she seemed to gravitate toward us. She was looking up at me and my daughter and smiling. Even her mom was amazed at how drawn she was to us and I jokingly responded, “We’re connected.”

From when I first saw them I felt a nudge to tell her about my children’s book. I ignored it, a few times, but as I looked at her beautiful daughter, with her gorgeous curly hair, I knew she needed to have my book. I used to keep copies on me, but haven’t since the new revision so I hesitated to tell her since I didn’t have one to gift her. The nudge did not stop so I finally spoke up and told her that I am a children’s author and that I have book called I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! I told her that it’s a children’s book filled with little girls just like hers—beautiful little girls, of all different complexions with curly hair.

It felt like it’s the kind of book that her mom would want her to have and I know that seeing little girls like herself affirming her beauty is so powerful.

I began to tell her about my book. (Many years back a description of I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! just flowed out of me. It was completely inspired and I’ve used those same words ever since to describe it.) I began, “It’s the story of a little girl who was teased about the texture of her hair….” and before I could continue, the mom said, “My daughter went through that…. it ended in her taking her own life…. She was 12 years old.”

I cannot describe the rush of emotions and thoughts that filled me instantaneously. I was stunned silent. Shock, sympathy, empathy, sorrow…. I felt so compassionate toward this mother, and looked at my own tween daughter and expressed my deepest condolences. I knew instantly that I was led to meet her. That those nudges were guidance ensuring that we met and had that exchange. In the midst of that deep sorrow, I simultaneously felt so grateful for following the leading to reach out to her. I knew that I was chosen to encourage her in that moment and provide her with a resource that may support her little one to have a different experience of self-love.

I shared my information with her and told her I’d keep her in my prayers (and I ask that you also add her to your prayers)…. Sometimes we don’t realize the power of following an intuitive nudge. Sometimes we don’t value our creations. Sometimes we question if our little decisions truly matter.

I got to see in that moment, that my decision to go to that particular store, rather than the other I was considering, at that exact moment, allowed me to be in the right place at the right time. Because I followed the vision in my head, rather than the overthought plan of going somewhere else, I was able to connect with someone I didn’t even know existed and we were mutually blessed.

I learned how important it is to follow those nudges, and I was reminded of how valuable the message of my book really is. We receive periodic nudges to go, do, say, create…. Far too often, we allow that critical inner voice to talk us out of following intuition. We ignore them, or change the plan.

The longer I live the more I realize, we are all connected. I now believe that our inspirations are other beings’ requests. It’s time for us to turn down the critical inner voice and begin to go where we feel nudged to go, do what we feel inspired to do, say what we feel compelled to say, and create what we feel led to create. I will never forget this experience. I will never forget that mom, or her beautiful little girl, or her 12 year old daughter who I didn’t get to meet.

I will forever look at I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! and think, “What if my book could save a life?”

Marlene Dillon Empowerment Specialist#Proud2BNaturalMe❤️💜💙💚

Please keep them in your prayers.

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Marlene Dillon is the CEO of MDillon Designs & Publishing. I teach girls to believe in themselves and choose relationships that support their goals. I teach children that their dreams are possible and that they are lovable. I teach parents to communicate with their children in healthy ways. In short, I.U.S.E. people. Inspire. Uplift. Support. Empower.

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