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“I believe I’m here to share ALL my gifts and teach others to do the same. I love to U.S.E. people—Uplift. Support. Empower. That’s my purpose.”

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Hi! I’m Marlene Dillon, creator of the Healing Our Families parenting communication course series, author and illustrator of I’m Proud to Be Natural Me!, and designer of all things #Proud2BNaturalMe. I am a proud mother, a powerful speaker, an inspirational writer, and a multi-talented artist. I love to empower people to accept themselves and their divine purpose. I coach people of all ages to love themselves more and to heal from the messages that make self-love challenging. I am the founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of MDillon Designs & Publishing.

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Does your child struggle with self-acceptance?

I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! uses positive affirmation to teach children to love themselves.

So many of our children struggle with loving themselves. Maybe they are the only one in their class with curly hair, or the only one in the family with dark skin.

I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! is the story of a little girl who’s teased because of the texture of her hair. Her mom explains to her that her hair is part of her identity, and that she is beautiful the way that God created her. By the end of the story the little girl is saying, “I’ve learned to love what I see. I’m proud to be natural me!”

As children read this story, the gain this powerful message of self-acceptance for themselves. The beautiful images display children of different skin tones and hairstyles. Every other page repeats the positive affirmation, “I’m proud to be natural me,” so as children hear her story, they are learning self-acceptance.

Children’s self-confidence erodes very rapidly once they begin to interact with peers and teachers. Often, family members can be the main ones who teach them that their beauty is inferior. This book helps to reinforce the truth in our children, that we are ALL beautiful. Order today.

Need a preview? Watch my read aloud video below, then order copies below.

Get a copy for all the little ones you love. Time is ticking. BUY NOW on Amazon.

Looking for natural hair tees, personalized gifts, or invitations?

Order personalized t-shirts & gifts, customized invitations, & more!

I designed every item in my online store. In 2011, when I first opened, seeing a woman with natural hair was rare—melanin and curly was not mainstream. I wanted our kids to know their hair and skin is beautiful, so I took the characters from my book, I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! and designed t-shirts, mugs, keychains, stickers, etc. Even back then I knew that representation matters.

When my daughter was little, I struggled to find items that reflected her beauty. Now, with my #Proud2BNaturalMe product line, our children have options. From mocha to latte, dark skin, to albinism, I’ve created products that celebrate our spectrum of beauty. Shop now to buy personalized gifts, tees, birthday party decor, and more, in various shades of melanin!

I love uniqueness. I love to add my own flavor. If you’re not a fan of cookie cutter designs, you’re my people. If you have an upcoming event, like customized stationery, or prefer to give personalized gifts (like me), browse my store. I have unique invitations, letterheads, and business card templates that you can customize in minutes and receive high quality prints in the mail! I also have mugs and other gifts you can personalize.

Order custom mugs, tees, gifts, & so much more!

Are you struggling to communicate with your child?

Healing Our Families: Healing the Parent-Child Relationship is my online communication course that teaches parents how to talk to their children. Check out my video for more info.

Check out this video to learn about Healing Our Families: Healing the Parent-Child Relationship! Enroll today on Udemy!

Healing Our Families: Healing the Parent-Child Relationship is a self-study online course, meaning you buy it today and have access to it forever. You can begin today, or wait ’til you’re on vacation from work. You can finish it in a day or work through it a week at a time. It’s really on your schedule. The videos, lectures, and journal prompts are set up to walk you through the information at your own pace. Get it today, and start when you’re ready. Tap the button to order.

Still got questions? Not a problem. Send me a message.

Have you checked out my inspirational podcast?

Share & Let’s Live! is my collection of inspirational insights and storytelling.

In January of 2022, I launched my Share & Let’s Live! Inspirational Podcast on SoundCloud. It began recording myself reading my blogs to provide additional accessibility to visually impaired readers of my blog. Accessibility is very important to me. As I began recording, I realized I really enjoy it and I look forward to expanding this offering. Check me out my podcast below and please share.

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