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I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! products celebrate our diversity, because representation absolutely matters.

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I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! brand books, gifts, and tees were created to celebrate and reflect your child’s unique beauty.

As the mom of beautiful brown skinned girl, I quickly learned how little was available to show her that her hair, her skin, her lips are beautiful. As I searched the TV channels for programming, and the toy aisles for dolls, and (worst of all) the party supply stores for birthday decor, I realized that stores weren’t making an effort to provide products with characters that looked like me. I wanted my daughter to have a birthday party with options beyond Tiana and Doc McStuffins. It heartbreaking to see aisle after aisle representing everyone but us. So I decided to create my own solution. I designed a host of products—from birthday tees to gift bags, invitations to plates and napkins with characters with curly hair and melanin. I illustrated little girls and boys with albinism and vitiligo, from the deepest mocha to the lightest latte. I did this so children can choose characters that look like them AND they can take it a step further and put their name on it. Our kids are beautiful and special and deserve to feel honored and celebrated everyday, and especially on their special days.

So now that you know the background, check out the link below and see all the designs that are available. I also have a collection for single moms, a collection of Black Greek inspired gifts, special event invitation and save-the-date templates, and so much more!

Use the link below to browse my store, and please buy and share if you find something you love. Blessings!

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