What Is the Love Move?

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So I woke up today and knew that meeting with my inner knowing was essential. I may have shared this with you before. I did a blog post about it some weeks ago that periodically (goal is daily), I sit down and allow the knowing within me to instruct me on what to do. It is so natural and normal for us to go to somebody else, call someone, text someone, meet with someone for lunch or go to an advisor about what to do next. But within us lies true guidance that we can tap into if we just sit still and listen.

It’s the guidance that causes us to turn our wheel suddenly and avoid an accident, the guidance that tells us to check our side mirror one more time before changing lanes, the guidance that causes us to call that person who needed us just at the right time.

Well, lately, I’ve been challenging myself to seek this inner guidance, before I wing it. I am not much for going and asking others what to do, but I am BIG on winging it and screwing things up, or doing countless hours of work, when I could have just sat still for a few MINUTES and asked my inner knowing for guidance.

I do this through back and forth chats, which I never shared before because I was afraid no one would understand. But when I courageously shared the last one, so many responded that they also check in with their inner being, the ancestors, the angels, etc. that I knew it was safe to share my stories of guidance I’ve received.

So here is the experience and conversation I had a few minutes ago. I am sharing because I realize some of it is not for me, as it doesn’t relate directly. That lets me know that it’s probably for you or someone you know. Feel free to share it.

This is a conversation about fear and love…. a conversation I did not anticipate as the answer to my dilemma.

Me: I am ready to experience life different. I am ready to shift my experiences with the power of my mind….

Higher Knowing (HK): … and love

Me: I hear you saying love and fear are the only emotions and that with decoding which emotion is driving me, I can change my life.

Me: I didn’t expect that, help me make it make sense.

HK: So you came to me asking about how to change your life. You wanted to say how you “struggle with visualizing,” but the truth is you can visualize fear… fearful thoughts… very well. You don’t have trouble with visualizing. You “struggle” with the habit of visualizing fearful thoughts. So you need to break things down to fear or love.

HK: Am I doing this from fear? (“I must make this post, or this bad thing will happen.”) or am I doing it from love? (“I want to see people shift in their lives through my inspired guidance. I can help them. It is my pleasure. I do this from love.”)

HK: You learned about the power of intention. Now, get it for yourself.


HK: As you begin to shift your thoughts from fear to love in every area, your life will change. It’s not just about the posts, it’s about the choices and conversations and inner conversations… about… everything. Inner conversations about saying, “No,” to that person, inner conversations about attending that event. Why do you want to go? Why do you not want to go? Are you going for love or out of fear of what happens if you don’t? At the core…your core… what is the most loving move? What is the love move. Yes, that’s a good title for this. What is the love move?

HK: It seems obvious until you try it, until you test it. Are you on Tinder because you fear not having anyone to love you in old age? Is it from fear that you are going to die alone or because you have love to give and want to share your abundance of love with another person/someone else? Are you going to work out of love—to support those you serve with your skills and talent, or fear that you will not be able to pay your bills? Everyone does it, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it. You can choose that you love yourself enough to ensure that your needs are taken care of despite the environment, and love yourself enough to know you are more than worthy of an even better position and that opportunities for you are all around you, and that in the meantime you will do it from love. It is not normal to think this way. But you can have more peace.

HK: So right now you are writing to me because you are afraid of your day going wrong and having to give more than you feel you have to give. Or you could say I’d love for them to have the best day, needing me minimally, so I can do things that I love… that will fill my love cup. You can wish them well, rather than sit in fear. You can gift yourself a great day by setting your expectations differently. You can send forth a picture of the day you’d ideally want, and you can see whatever hiccups you’re attempting to avoid (in fear), as being rectified in the most loving way.

HK: This is about changing your expectations, and beliefs, about what your day—and what life— looks like for you. You can picture it differently by coming from a place of love, not fear.

Me: Amen.

So there you have it… as I received it. We can lovingly change our lives by assessing one thought, action, interaction by what category it falls into. “Is this from love or fear?” And then we can simply ask ourselves, “What is the love move?”


Marlene Dillon Empowerment Specialist

Co-Founder of SISTAMoms with Yvonne Livingston LLC
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