Are You a River or a Swamp?

Have you ever read a post that brightened your day and was exactly what you needed to hear in that moment? What did you do with it? Did you share it, or did you read it, like it, and go on with your life?

Image of a body of water. Text states "Be a river not a swamp. Empowering posts are meant to flow. Don't let them die with you. If it moves, let it move someone else. Share!"

I’m the type of person that when something blesses me, I want it to bless other people. Most of my blogs are epiphanies I had in the moment and eagerly shared with you minutes later. I am a river. I am not a swamp. I’d rather be a fruit tree than a flower (if that analogy works better for you).

It’s fine to gain a little boost for your day, but what if someone else in your friend’s list needed that same boost? What if someone in your FB group, or even a friend or family member that is not on social media needed that same message?

I am going to share when I get a “word.” That’s just me. AND if you read my posts and gain from them, I want you to know, I DID NOT JUST WRITE THAT FOR YOU. I wrote it for you AND the next person. If you read it, enjoy it, get your boost from it, and then don’t share it, it dies with you. I don’t want that.

I write my posts because it is my mission. I.U.S.E. the world—Inspire Uplift Support and Empower. I want to inspire, uplift, support, and empower you AND the next person. So please, if my posts encourage you or give you a boost, help me with my mission to reach others and just hit Share. You don’t have to give a commentary on it. You don’t have to defend it. You don’t have to explain why it resonates with you. I just ask that you share it.

Thank you so much for helping me fulfil my purpose.


Marlene Dillon Empowerment Specialist

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Published by Marlene Dillon Empowerment Specialist

Marlene Dillon is the CEO of MDillon Designs & Publishing. I teach girls to believe in themselves and choose relationships that support their goals. I teach children that their dreams are possible and that they are lovable. I teach parents to communicate with their children in healthy ways. In short, I.U.S.E. people. Inspire. Uplift. Support. Empower.

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