All Things Work for Good

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Text in purple states "All things work together for good." Marlene Dillon Empowerment Specialist,

Although I try to be understanding, when it comes to certain topics, I can be a bit petty. I will completely write a person off over a first impression, which is a bit unfair.

Today, I was contemplating a scenario where someone got a wrong impression of me, recently, and decided to write me off. I was so offended because their actions, as a result of their assumptions, impacted more than just me. 🤬

As a way of getting beyond the moment, I decided to write a letter—as a journaling exercise to get it off my mind, because I have no intentions of sending the letter to the individual. What I realized as I was writing, is that I was calling her completely irrational for not communicating with me before making a judgment about me. That’s when I realized I had done the same to someone else, under fairly similar circumstances. 😬

It’s a hard thing to realize that we aren’t perfect. And it’s even harder to see the depravity of another in our own actions. As much as I wish things happened differently, I must admit that I am grateful for this opportunity to heal that tendency. I am choosing to release my negative impression of the person I prejudged. And I choose to forgive this individual and trust that all things work together for good.

Marlene Dillon Empowerment Specialist#Proud2BNaturalMe❤️💜💙💚

Published by Marlene Dillon Empowerment Specialist

Marlene Dillon is the CEO of MDillon Designs & Publishing. I teach girls to believe in themselves and choose relationships that support their goals. I teach children that their dreams are possible and that they are lovable. I teach parents to communicate with their children in healthy ways. In short, I.U.S.E. people. Inspire. Uplift. Support. Empower.

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