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I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! is the book I wish I had as a little girl. It is the story of a little girl who is teased because of the texture of her hair. Her mom explains to her that her hair is part of her identity, that she is beautiful the way that God created her, and by the end of the story she is saying, “I’ve learned to love what I see. I’m proud to be natural me!”

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“I thank you for your wonderful book. I read it to my baby girl daily!”

As the proud mom of a little brown girl with curly hair, it is extremely important to me that she knows that her features are as beautiful as anyone else’s. It is also important to me that she sees children, teens, and adults who look like her portrayed in ways that support her sense of self in a positive light. I am so grateful that there are, now, more books that feature children of color. I am also very excited that I was chosen to share this message of healthy self-esteem, which is important for children of ALL skin colors, hair textures, cultures, nationalities, etc.

I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! teaches children that “we are ALL beautiful as is.” 

Parents constantly tell me of the blessing I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! has been to their children. Children who were embarrassed by their curly hair now never want it straightened anymore. Giving the gift of self-acceptance is my pleasure and my purpose. If you feel that I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! could be helpful for your child or one you know, click/tap the photo below to order on Amazon, today! 


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