Time for Change

time4changeEvery morning at 6:30 my Pandora app turns on and shuts my phone down. One by one my apps begin to crash the second that app opens. So every morning at 6:31 I reboot my phone. Like clockwork, this morning, with my eyes closed, still super groggy, I fumbled around in the bed until I found my cell. Immediately I began pressing and holding the side of the phone, attempting to turn it back on (before I fell back to sleep). It wouldn’t turn on. I pressed and held it again and nothing happened. Then, I realized my finger was not on the POWER button. I was applying the RIGHT amount of effort, but in the WRONG place. I think life is like that. Sometimes we are working our butts off, trying to make something happen but our effort is being applied to the wrong thing. For a very long time I did all my I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! promos on my personal FB wall. No likes. No comments. No movement. A few faithful friends and family would like a post here or there and some consistently, but I was making no progress. I want to share my message with the world. It wasn’t until I began to branch out and apply effort in new areas that expansion has occurred. This epiphany is possibly more for me than for you. A call for me to spread my message, that “we are ALL beautiful as is” in areas where my effort is best received. I expect with this simple adjustment, expansion is inevitable. I’m about to hit the power button. I’m Proud to Be Natural Me! is about to take off. Are you ready?

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