Why I’m Proud to Be Natural Me!?

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It’s time to teach our children,
we are ALL beautiful as is.

On Christmas morning, I was inspired to write my second children’s book, I’m Proud to Be Natural Me. It is a story about a little girl who learns to embrace her beauty after being teased by other children because of the texture of her hair. Through a tender conversation with her mother, she realizes that her hair is a part of her identity, and is celebrating that truth by the end of the story.

This book is very important to me as I am raising a beautiful little girl with natural hair. With a master’s in counseling, I know how urgent it is to give her a strong sense of self, especially at this early age. A child’s self-esteem begins to erode very early in life so it is essential to give our children a firm foundation from the start. I’m Proud to Be Natural Me is more than just a children’s story, it is a tool of empowerment for our children. It is an opportunity to teach our kids a lesson that our generation seems to have missed, that we are ALL beautiful as is.

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Thank you so much for your support. Together we can heal our world by empowering ourselves and our children. Please don’t forget to click the “Share” buttons below.

Yours Truly,

Marlene Dillon

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6 responses to “Why I’m Proud to Be Natural Me!?

  1. Yes we need to teach the children how to love the things that they have. I was listening to Elle varner’s song So Fly and I laughed and had to post it on my blog right awaybecause it’s so true that you are fly just being you. It’s important they know how to manage their hair and that they can do more things with their hair than any other race on the planet. I never knew I could have that curly (Chiili fromTLC hiar) until I started playing with it on my own as a teenager. And I didn’t know that I didn’t need a lot of product. You can do a lot with water, shea butter and a little holding cream. Our little girls would be more proud if they were taught. I wasn’t taught i had to discover. i was always told stop putting water in your hair it dries it out and you not Mexican. (my sisters lines) Things that were told to her but that was the 90’s and this is a new day and I have educated myself over the years and I understand how important it is to teach the little girls.

    • How awesome. It’s an amazing journey. I’ve had to learn many of those things on my own, as well. I want to save our kids in some way from that experience—and I mean all kids from the messages that tell each of us that we are not enough. Each of us is great and worthy of celebration, just because we are who we are. 🙂 Please share and visit amazon because my book is only $8.50. 🙂

  2. will do! I havve a lot of nieces. Maybe it’s a great christmas gift from auntie.

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